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    Having a panic attack is a frightening experience. The first time it happens to you, you may not fully understand what’s going on. Whether you’re in a public place or at your home, you might feel like you’re in serious danger, even if you’re perfectly safe. Panic attacks can be debilitating—and they can happen
    Watching your husband or wife battling with depression can be hard.   If it’s a new diagnosis and you feel like you don’t know anything about depression, take some time to familiarize yourself with it. If it isn’t something new but has been ongoing, you probably have a better understanding of depression. Remember that many
    It’s well known that social isolation is often a contributing factor to depression. Because the Coronavirus pandemic requires that the nation’s citizens as a whole distance themselves from each other, this fact has received more attention in the last several months. As humans, we need physical and social connections with each other.
    The mere fact of being human means that we will experience pains and hurts in most, if not all, of our close relationships. Given that we are sheltering in place, the opportunity to hurt and being hurt greatly increases. We may even be surprised by our response at times. Many of our attachment difficulties have roots in early childhood and our
    In these uncertain times, we are out of our normal routines and this can cause us to feel tense, uneasy and anxious. The isolation can leave us feeling alone and we can easily lose our peace and joy as we watch the news or scroll social media.  I encourage you to look at our situation as an opportunity to spend precious time with loved
    We not only crave—but absolutely need—secure attachments with others from the time we are born and throughout our lifespan. Hopefully, our parents were able to adequately fulfill their role as our first healthy attachment figures. Deep down, we need to know that we are loved, accepted, heard and that our needs will be met. As we
    Valentine’s Day often makes couples take stock of their relationship. Were you excited to make plans? Or were you less enthused than you have been in the past? Perhaps one or both of you were fine to let the day slip by with few festivities because communication has been a bit strained lately. Whatever the case, it’s always good to
    “We are, at last, building a science of intimate relationships. We are mapping out how our conversations and actions reflect our deepest needs and fears and build or tear down our most precious connections with others.” Dr. Sue Johnson (Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love) Creating a lasting, loving relationship
    What do you do when your mind gets stuck on repeat? When you just can’t move your thoughts forward or stop a cycle of disturbing memories, deflating self-talk, or inhibiting fears. Rumination can make living well nearly impossible if you don’t have a daily strategy for stopping the mulling, brooding, and obsessing that keeps you from