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    How should we behave in our intimate relationships? Should we hold tight or hold back? Should we press toward each other or press for increasing independence? It’s tough to know. Especially when the negativity of certain relationship buzzwords like “dependency” warn us off seeming too clingy, feeling too needy, or becoming too
    We love good times and obvious blessings. When the sun warms us and living is easy, we have few complaints. It isn’t too hard during those times to send up prayers of gratitude and feel that everything is right in the world. We rest easy after our prayers and trust in God's goodness. But, inevitably, the tide turns. Good times ebb and the
    The challenges of persistent anxiety are, without a doubt, a relationship stressor. When life is difficult, our most cherished relationships will suffer the strain. However, that strain needn’t break us apart. Instead, we can choose to focus on growth and bonding. Try to remember this: …do not fear, for I am with you; do not be
    When a loved one is struggling with dark thoughts, you want to say the right words. When they suffer and withdraw, you want to do whatever you can to keep them close and to care for them. But, sadly, depression is difficult to overcome, whether you are a person of faith or not. It’s a common condition that works hard to keep your loved one
    Anxiety and exercise have been linked for quite a while now in studies and among mental health experts. We’ve heard how beneficial it is to move and release some of the tension and worry we accumulate. Thus, our first inclination might be to relax. We know how soothing it can be to stretch and breathe deeply. So, naturally, exercising for
    Husbands and wives were made to connect intimately. When the commitment is made and the vows are spoken, we are Biblically encouraged to embrace our partners in complete oneness. Of course, as time goes by and our responsibilities multiply, such intimacy may be difficult to maintain. In fact, lapses in loving closeness and connection may become
    We all know that self-confidence is an important trait. People who exude self-confidence do well in this world—they are successful in work and relationships. More importantly, they are happy in their daily lives and less likely to be affected by rejection, stress, and anxiety. In other words, they are more resilient. Therefore, it would
    Depression is more than sadness and dark moods. If it were a person, it would be the worst kind of liar. A liar that uses your own thoughts, fears, shame, and self- directed judgments against you. We call such internal negativity our “inner critic.” And, unfortunately, Christians suffer daily in our own heads, at our own critical
    Love is a good thing. A blessing. A beautiful gift that keeps on giving. And when we are on the receiving end of romantic love, our hopes and prayers for companionship, family, and “until death do us part” seem to be right on track. And then, inevitably, somehow, we get off track and headed our own way. Oh, we don’t mean to.